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The internet is awash with online bookmakers but we are limiting ourselves to the best, these are the bookmakers who have been around along time and are well regulated reputable companies.

These companies cover just about every sport you can have a bet on plus the novelty bets such as X Factor, American Idol, Big Brother etc. Check out our Odds page to work out your odds or download our free odds guide.

We have seperated the 'normal bookies' from the Spread Betting firms. We appreciate that some of you are wary of the risk involved in spread betting. We believe that having read our pages on spread betting you will be better prepared also the companies we review offer great tutorials explaining all there is too know about spread betting.


Sports & More

Want to know more about the sport you're betting on we hope our sports pages will help and assist, we have the history of the sport how it's played and more importantly where you can have a bet on it.

We included several sports quizzes these are not meant to be serious but we hope they will provide you with a welcome respite from the daily hassles, and lets face it we all like to prove how clever we are don't we!

Why not read our Famous Horses, Famous Races pages.

For instance do you know why India pulled out of the 1950 World Cup in Brazil? (Answer Fifa wouldn't let them play in Bare Feet.)

Our calendar page includes upcoming events so you can have time to study the form before placing your bets.

Racing Glossary a complete list of horse racing terms could be useful.