BETDAQ is the recognised world leader in the new and exciting arena of exchange betting. Spread betting is the fastest growing sector in the global betting industry.

Betdaq although originally an Irish company have now moved to the UK. The move has proved a huge success and Betdaq are going from strength to strength.

Exchange betting is such a simple idea you wonder why nobody thought of it before. You bet against each other and not against a bookie. There are some advantages to doing this firstly.

You can lay off if you don't fancy a horse or team or a player you can lay it without having to pick a winner. You can bet as much as you like your only limited by the amount in your account.

You set your own prices if you want. This price is then offered to the exchange to see if anyone will accept it. You can Bet while an event is actually on right upto the final whistle.

BETDAQ users get more choice - to back or lay, to take the odds or ask for better, to bet any amount they want.

The odds available to BETDAQ users average out at 20% better than those available from the usual betting outlets.

Additional Information - Bet with Bet Daq Now!

To Join you have like most sites have to register, this is a really simple process

BETDAQ charges a small commission fee on net winnings per market. Therefore, if you have a losing bet, you pay no commission. If you win, BETDAQ retain a small percentage of your net winnings.
The commission rate is determined by the amount that you bet, and is the lowest in the business.

The minimum bet on the Exchange is now £10

1. Visit the BETDAQ home page at
2. Click the “Click here to join” button
3. Fill in your details, following the instructions. Ensure that you choose a password that only you will know.
4. Deposit funds and begin betting!

Bonus's - Refer a friend and you both get £15 when they match their first £100.

Sports & More

You can bet on just about any sporting bet with Betdaq, they also have a superb tips page and unlike lots of spread betting companies you can have each way bets.

BETDAQ UK is the trading name of Global Betting Exchange UK, The company is registered at Companies House as a company in England and Wales. The registered office of Global Betting Exchange UK is City
Aviation House, London City Airport, Royal Docks, London E16 2XP. Bet with Bet Daq Now!

Sports spread betting is high risk and is not suitable for everyone. You can lose more than your original stake, so make sure you understand the risks involved and only bet with money you can afford to lose.