Racing Glossary 'I - L'

In the Frame, Irons, Jockey Club ,

In the Frame : Means an horse has won or been placed (it's number had been placed in the winning frame on the racecourse numbers board.).

Irons: a term used for stirrups, if a jockey becomes parted from his stirrups he will be said to have lost his irons.

Jockey Club : the world's oldest turf authority originating at the star and garter Pall Mall in 1752 and until recently the sole governing body of British Horseracing..

Joint: a bookmakers temporary 'establishment' on the racecourse.

Lads, Lasses : stable boys and girls without whom no stable could function.

Leg : this phrase has several meanings from suffering a leg injury to stages in a multiple bet and finally blacklegs disreputable forerunners of your modern bookie..

Levy Board : abbreviation for the Horseracing Betting Levy Board, established in 1961.

Limited Stakes : race restricted to horses which have been awarded handicap ratings at or below a figure specified in the race conditions.

Listed Race: a race whose importance ranks immediately after the group races.


Racing Glossary 'M'

Maiden : despite what most people think maiden doesn't reflect the sex of an horse, the term is used to refer to any horse colt, filly or gelding who has not won a race. There are specific races set aside for maidens the national hunt races are usually called novice hurdles and novice chases.

Maiden Handicaps : this is an handicap resticted to maidens who have run at least four times in Britain.

Makes a noise : horses with respiratory troubles will make a noise they are sometimes refered to as roarers the condition can be alleviated by an Hobday operation or by passing a tube past the obstruction in the larynx..

Mare: female thoroughbred who is five years or older, is she is retired to the paddocks for breeding purposes she becomes a broodmare.

Match : is a race between just two horses each being the property of different owners on terms agreed by them. Matches used to be common events in the early days of racing but more recently they have been confined to charity events.

Monkey : betting term for £500.

Morning Glory : horse that performs well at home in his early morning gallops but never produces that form on the track..

Museums: no not some fancy racing term but exactly what you would expect them to be places where you can visit to learn more about the fascinating world that is horse racing, the most famous being the National Horse Racing Museum in Newmarket High Street.