Racing Glossary 'R'

Racecourse officials, Result,

Racecourse officials : racecourse officials are all licensed by the jockey club, the officials are The Clerk of the Course, Runs the racecourse is responsible for all routine from ensuring the racecard gets to the printers to ensuring the stables are properly cleaned and disenfected, more importantly they must attract sponsors and frame the races he/she will make or break a racecourse. The Clerk of the Scales, responsibility for weighing jockeys and their equipment in accordance with the rules, as well as promulgating information on the numbers board and furnishing the starter with a list of runners.

The Starter, responsible for starting the race from the stalls (flat only) responsible for calling the roll of jockeys at the start, seeing horses are either loaded into the stalls or lined up properly for the start. when all is ready the field will 'come under starters orders' after this if an horse fails to start he is deemed a runner.

Stewards, three stewards for each race metting are appointed by the racecourse executive and approved by the stewards of the jockey club, stewards are in overall control of a race meeting, including disciplinary matters, they may order stewards enquiries or hear evidence of objections, they may impose fines or suspensions or if warranted refer a matter to the stewards of the jockey club, if the weather is bad the stewards have the responsibility of deciding wether the meeting shall go on.

Racing Calendar : name of the official and expensive weekly publication which gives entries in full for future races, weights allocated in handicaps as well as other information such as details of the official findings of inquiries, fines imposed, etc

Racing Plates : these are the special light weight horseshoes specially fitted for racing

Rails : the white post and rails which mark out a racecourse on either side and are known as the running rails, also refers to the rails which seperate the different betting rings.

Rated Stakes : A handicap for which the range of weights shall be limited to not more than 14lb.

Ratings: this is the expression of an horses ability in figures, each year there is an internation handicappers meeting which includes in its findings the seasonal order of merit in europe on the flat.

Record Sequences : this is the sequence of wins by racehorses, check out the Guiness Book of records Horse Racing Records book,

Result: the outcome of a race. or for bookmakers 'we got a result' will mean that an unfancied horse won.

RHT: the Racecourse Holdings Trust a non profit making company whose main purpose is to preserve racecourses for horseracing. course belonging to the trust are: Aintree, Carlisle, Cheltenham, Epsom, Haydock, Huntingdon, Kempton, Market Rasen, Newmarket, Nottingham, Sandown, Warwick, Wincanton.

Ringer: a name given to older horses illegally running in a race in the name of a younger one.


Racing Glossary 'S'

Selling Race : A race in which the winner must be offered for sale at auction on the racecourse, and will sometimes appear abbreviated to (S) Race in the title.

Spread a plate : this expression means that an horse has lost or damaged it's racing shoe before the start, which will then be delayed while a farrier repairs or replaces it.

Spread Betting: started by sporting index in 1992 this is a form of betting that covers every kind of sporting activity, the main difference with spread betting and normal betting when it comes to horse racing is with traditional betting you must bet on a specific horse or horses to win or to be placed or have forecasts, placepots, jackpots and more but they all have one thing in common the horse must be successful. Spread betting is a 'spread' of numbers which represent the firm's idea of the outcome of an event, backers, can buy if they think the result will be an higher number than the one quoted or sell if the this the result will be lower. This way you can oppose the favourite in a race without having to actually nominate a winner.

Sprinter: The term given to horses which specialise at racing the minimum distances on the flat which is five or six furlongs.

Starting Price : usually shown as just SP these are the prices you usually see in your newspaper results columns, are broadcast on TV and Radio and form the basis from which the bookies etc will payout.

Stayer : Term given to horses which secialise at racing over the longest distances on the flat which is two miles plus..

Stuffy Horse : A horse that needs a lot of work to keep his breathing clear.