Racing Glossary 'T'

Tic-Tac, The Tote , Turn of foot,

Tic-Tac : sadly being replaced by modern technology tic tac was the semiphore of the race track,

each bookie would have it's tic tac man and he would signal all the betting moves who was putting what on where, each bookie had his own code so it was difficult to break down..

The Tote : the horse totalisator board. The Tote is also known as the nanny from the cockney rhyming slang for nanny goat.

instituted by an act of parliament in 1928 one of it's stated aims was to generate money to support racing and still today makes substantial payments to racecourses based on a percentage of turnover, sponsorship and levy payments,

The tote also provides an alternative means of betting to the bookmakers.

Triple Crown : should you win the 2000 guineas, Derby and St Leger you will have won the English Triple crown,

the equivalent races for stayers are Ascot gold cup, Goodwood Cup, and Doncaster Cup. The American version is the Kentucky Derby, Preakness and Belmont Stakes.

Turn of foot : refers to an horse's capability for speed.


Racing Glossary 'V-W'

Virus, Weatherbys, Weight for Age,

Virus : fortunately nothing to do with your computers but a term used for a number of highly infectious flu like ailments which can spread quickly through a stable and virtually put it out of racing for a while. Symptoms are dry cough, temperature, and nasal discharges, horses usually take quite a while to recover their best form after such an attack

Weatherbys : dating from 1770 when James Weatherby an attorney from Northumberland was invited by the Jockey Club to move to Newmarket and become the Keeper of the Match Book, Stake Holder and Secretary to the Jockey Club.

usually referred to as racings civil service. For over two hundred years this post was held by a succession of Weatherby's nine in all, today they are under contract with the BHB to supply the complex administration required to run racing in Great Britain.

Weight for Age : This is a scale originally devised by Admiral Rous which lays down how horses of differing ages improve month by month throughout the season,

differences being expressed in terms of weight. This scale is the foundation stone for handicappers in the UK