American Football

A brief guide and Useless Facts!.

AFL or NFL The choice is yours!

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The Superbowl that showpiece game played between the winners of the American and the National Football Conference, favourites usually win each conference, but a point to note no team has ever won three superbowls in a row, the New England Patriots have won two.

Origins of the Game
The first inter college game was played in 1869 between Rutgers and Princeton, played under modified soccer rules. Over the next ten years rugby become more influential until in 1874 the oval ball was introduced and 1876 saw the first American football rules drawn up. Walter Camp is acclaimed as the father of American Football he helped to shape the modern rules of the game at Yale University between 1888 and 1892.  He introduced the 11 man side, line of scrimmage and concept of downs and yards gained, a new points system (modified many times.) 1906 saw the introduction of the forward pass.

Unlike rugby players wear heavy padding on shoulders arms etc helmets are worn on the head play is usually conducted by passing of the ball by hand, including one forward pass per play is allowed.  Played on a rectangular field divided into gridiron like segments (hence the nickname 'Gridiron'), the object is to score a touchdown by moving the ball into the opposing teams 'end zone' progress is usually made by a series of plays the team in possession must gain a 10 yard advancement per four plays of the ball, otherwise it loses possession.  A touchdown is worth 6 points an extra point can be gained by kicking the ball between the posts and over the crossbar or two points can be gained by advancing the ball by not kicking it from the two yard line into the end zone.  Field Goals are worth 3 points to score a field goal the ball must be kicked between the posts and over the crossbar from anywhere on the field.   Teams consist of upto 40 members but only 11 are allowed on the field of play at any time.  Each team is usually separate units of players are used for attacking, defensive and kicking off etc.

Did U Know? that the highest score in an NFL game was betweenthe Washington Redskins and the New York Giants Washington won by 72 - 41. Most NFL titles this honour goes to The Green Bay Packers who have won 12. Most Superbowl titles goes to both the San Francisco 49ers and Dallas Cowboys both have 5 wins each.


The superbowl is a fairly new competition being first held in January 1967 between the champions of the NFL and the AFL after the 1970 game the two leagues amalgamated to form the NFL and the superbowl is now played between the winners of the NFC and the AFC some historical facts the first winners of the superbowl were the Green Bay Packers (NFL) they beat the Kansas City Chiefs 35-10. Last season Pittsburg beat Seattle.

National Football League
Began in 1920 in 1933 it split into the Eastern and Western conferences the first champions of the NFL were Akron Pros, the last champions of the NFL were the Minnesota Vikings.

American Football League
Started out in 1960 as a rival to the NFL first champions were Houston Oilers the last was in 1969 the Kansas City Chiefs.

The Rose Bowl
The rose bowl is the traditional end of season college game which is held traditionally on New Years Day between invited teams usually on the basis of their performance in the regular season.  First played in 1902 as part of the Pasadena Tournament of Roses it has been played annually since 1916.  The first winners were Michigan The 2005 champions were Texas who beat Michigan 38-37.

World Bowl
The World bowl was first held in 1991 as the Championship game of the World League of American Football, In 1995 it became known as the championship game of Europe the first winners were London Monarchs