Athletics - A brief guide

Track and Field

Known in the UK and the Commonwealth simply as 'athletics' in the USA it is better known as Track and Field. If you're not sure about the different aspects of athletics read the full articles below.

Athletics is a group of sports comprising running, jumping and throwing contests, cross country running, decathlon, discus, hammer, high jump, hurdling, javelin, long distance running, long jump, marathon, middle distance running, pentathlon, pole vault, race walking, relay running, road running, shot put, sprinting, steeplechase, triple jump, nearly all these events are contested by men and women.

With an history going back to Ancient Times and beyond, athletics has always been a keen betting sport with so many events to choose from it’s sometimes seems difficult to decide who and when to bet on someone.

Like all sports the golden rules apply class will out and top athletes especially in the middle distance races last for a lot of years.

Throwing Things

Discus has the name suggest this entails throwing a disc weighing no less than 2KG for men and 1kg for women.

The athlete must stand in a regulation marked circle and throw the discus up the field without stepping out of the circle.

Whoever throws the furthest without stepping out of the circle wins. Rules are few but the discus must land within the marked area (40 degrees) the thrower mustn’t step outside the circle or the top of the circle once starting the throw nor may they leave the circle until the discus has landed.

Hammer - Actually they don't throw an hammer but a metal ball attached to a wire with an handle at the other end. Like the Discus the athlete stands in a regulation marked circle which they mustn't step out of. They must throw the 'Hammer' through the air in an attempt to get it has far up field as possible.

The hammer weighs 16lb men, 9 lb women, Rules the thrower stands with his/her back to the direction of throw, two preliminary swings are made with the hammer rotating around the throwers stationary body then three full turns are made while swinging the hammer and moving across the circle finally the hammer is released over the throwers shoulder. The thrower with the maximum distance wins. You may not apply any substance to your shoes or the surface of the circle, touch the ground outside or the top of the circle rim.

Javelin - Probably the oldest of the throwing events, each athlete must throw his Javelin (spear) as far up the field as possible.

Rules the javelin must be held at the grip and be thrown with one hand only over the shoulder or upper part of the throwing arm, it cannot be slung or hurled, you cannot turn your back to the arc after preparing for your throw