Basketball - A brief guide


Played originally in Mexico around the 10th century it was Canadian James Naismith 1862 - 1939 who almost single handly invented the modern version of Basketball.

Invented as a stop gap to fill the time between the Football and Baseball season's it was in 1891 at YMCA college in Springfield, Massechusetts, USA that the game was first played using peach baskets hung on the gym wall. Unsurprisingly it soon became a popular sport in it's own right.  

2006 Basketball February 4 BBL Trophy Final, April 30 BBL Championship Play off Final NIA Birmingham. December 3 BBL Cup Final.

Some useless facts: The highest team score ever in NBA match was between The Detroit Pirates and the Denver Nuggets 186 -184, meanwhile the Boston Celtics have won more NBA championships titles than anyone else 17 in total

Rules & Description

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What is Basketball it's a five-a-side team game played on a hard surface court with a bottomless basket at each end and a ball.

The aim of each team is to move the ball down the court in a series of passing and bouncing moves until your close enough to throw the ball into your opponents basket.

To stop time wasting each side has a prescribed time in which to make an attempt at a shot (The NBA decrees 24 seconds.) If the shot isn't attempted possession passes to the other side.

If the ball passes through the basket from open play a field goal is scored worth two or three points dependent upon distance, fouls will be penalized by a series of free throws at the basket worth one point each. 

There are many basketball leagues and tournaments throughout the world some of the better known are:

World Championship this takes place every four years the first winners were Argentina.

Olympic Champions first held in 1936 for men and 1976 for the ladies. USA won the first men's final and the USSR won the first ladies.

NBA Championship Started in 1947 as the basketball association of America BAA renamed in 1949 as the NBA Professional basketball's major competition an end of season best of 7 game play off involving the champion teams from the Eastern Conference and Western Conference.  the first winners were Philadelphia Warriors (EC)

FIBA European Champions first held in 1958 originally a knockout competition between the national champion clubs but reorganized on a league basis in 1992. first winners were ASK Riga USSR

British Basketball League Champions a two conference league first won by Portsmouth in 1988.

British Basketball League Playoff winners an end of season play off tournament,  Between the leading teams in the British Basketball League first winners were Livingston in 1988

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