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They say Edward the First mentioned a game similiar to cricket in his household accounts in 1300, however, The real origins of Cricket will probably never be known. Click to Bet at Totesport Now.

They say it was started by shepherds in South East England, with a ball made of wool or rags being bowled along the ground, the target it was said was the wicket gate of the sheepfold and the shepherd would use his crook to ht the ball.

This they say explains why early bats had a curved blade.  The earliest recorded cricket match was playedin 1646 at Coxheath in Kent.

By the 18th Century it was being played by just about everyone.  1744 saw the rules written down for the first time. The official MCC revised rules were set down in 1835 and these are the rules by which the modern game of cricket is played.

Ashes series

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Cricket having spent decades without change is probably now the most highly innovative and changing sport in the world, thanks mainly to changes brought about by Sky Television The latest and most innovative change was brought about in India that cricket mad nation came up with the Indian Premier League a 20/20 competition that has taken off in a most spectacular fashion. To read more about this sport why not visit Bet On IPL Cricket

Cricket is a game played between two sides of 11 players with a wicket consisting of 3 stumps (wooden stakes) on top of the stumps are a set of bails.

The wicket stands at each end of a grassy pitch 22 yards in length, each side takes turns in batting and fielding, the batting side sends out two batsmen one stands at each wicket they each have a bat with a long flat side and a ball is bowled at them, the ball is solid. 

The aim of the game is to score runs, as many as possible in the allotted time.  Each bowler takes turns to bowls 6 balls at the Batsman this is an called an Over. If the batsman hits the ball and in certain other circumstances he can attempt to run to the other wicket, His team mate at the other wicket must run also. If they succeed in making it to the other wicket they have scored a run, should the ball reach the boundary of the field they have scored four runs automatically should the ball not touch the ground before it crosses the boundary they have scored six runs.

There are several ways a batsman can be got out. If a fielder catches the ball after the batsman has struck it and before it hits the ground. The Batsman is out.

He can be bowled out. If the bowler bowls a ball that hits the wickets and knocks the bail off the stumps he is out. If the wicket keeper stumps the batsmans, that is knock the bails off the stumps whilst the batsman is outside his crease (the safe area in front of his wicket.) or he can be LBW This is when the ball first hits his lower leg before he has hit it and the leg is directly in line with the stumps or the batsman can accidently knock his own bails off. 

If ten batsman are dismissed the other side goes into bat.  However in a sport like cricket it is often the sporting thing to do that when a side feels it has scored enough runs to win it can declare and let the other side bat, giving them a sporting chance of catching up with them.

With lots of Cricket competitions to bet on the most popular has to be the Ashes series which is played between England and Australia.To find out more about the ashes visit Bet on the Ashes

The Ashes series came about due to a mocking article which appeared in the Sporting Times after Australia had defeated England at Oval in 1882, the article read 'In Affection Remembrance of English Cricket Which Died at the Oval on 29 August 1882, deeply lamented by a large circle of sorrowing friends and acquaintances, R.I.P. n.b. the body will be cremated and taken to Australia.' They then burnt the bails placed the ashes in an urn and despatched them to Australia.  This is the trophy that is so desperately fought over each summer.

The English county championship which is the oldest cricket competition in the world, it has been in existence since 1873 but the points system wasn't introduced until 1890.