Famous Horses and Famous Races

Equine Athletes

Famous Horses and Famous Horse Races, The world loves a gutsy athlete and thoroughbred horses are just that, Equine's athletes. Combine some of the most famous horses in the world with some of the greatest horse races and you have a terrific mix.

Over the next few pages we will endeavor to bring you some of horse racings classic encounters.

Remember Arkle with his equally great contempary Mill House.

America can boast some of the great classic encounters take the Belmont Stakes and Secretariat's great run in 1973.

France's Prix de L'Arc de Triomphe has produced some of racings classic encounters.

What about the Grand National this race has brought moments that bring tears to the eyes of the hardest race fan.

Bob Champion

Devon Loch, Suffragette Derby, Bob Champion,

Remember Bob Champion over coming his battle against cancer to go on and win this classic race it still brings tears to my eyes.

The sadness of watching Devon Loch collapse yards from the winning post in the 1956 National.

The English Derby this has had more than it's fair share of triumph and tragedy the 1913 Suffragette Derby when Emily Davison threw herself in front of the King's horse in the cause of women's suffrage.