Tommy Farr

Goes 15 Rounds with Joe Louis 30 August 1937

Joe Louis hailed from Detroit and was nicknamed the Brown Bomber, on 30th August 1937 he retained his world heavyweight championship after a 15 round encounter with Tommy Farr so why are we telling you about the Welsh British Empire Champion and not Joe Louis read on.

Prior to the fight the pundits agreed Farr didn't stand a chance in fact some went so far as to say it was a travesty to put the Empire Championship holder in the same ring as Joe Louis.

In his career to date Joe Louis had only gone once beyond 10 rounds on that occassion he fought the Mighty Max Schmeling who knocked Louis out.

The crowd was in excess of 35000 and it was Louis first defence of his title. It was agreed that Farr would be an easy run out for the Champ. In fact you could get good odds on Farr being able to come out for the 6th round.

Built of Granite

Fight moving to and fro, master class in boxing,

How different the fight turned out, the champ was harrassed and menaced at every turn, Farr seemed to be built of granite, with an iron will. It took a master class in boxing skill to turn the points decision in favour of the existing champion.

The fight was moving to and fro until near the end of the thirteenth round two minutes into the round Louis stuck his left into Farr's face drawing fresh blood with every punch, when Louis saw an opening Farr came at him with a wild roundhouse and like a flash Louis shot a left hook to the jaw, Farr's knees buckled and it looked certain that he must go down.

Louis however missed the opportunity he hesitated and Farr went for a clinch Louis hit him again just as the bell went. Farr staggered to his corner.

However Farr was not finished and during the fourteenth he taunted Louis by sticking his chin out inviting Joe Louis to do his worse. Although he was beaten on points Farr was not disgraced soaring to wonderful heights.

He literally fought the champion tooth and nail to prove that there is no disgrace in defeat.

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