Mike Hawthorn


In one of the most exciting finales to a motor racing season Mike Hawthorn driving for Ferrari became Britain's first World Champion.

The race held at Casablanca was actually won by another Britain Stirling Moss but by finishing second Hawthorn clinched the title read on.

After the two days of practice Hawthorn gained pole position along side him on the gird was Stirling Moss and Stuart Lewis-Evans both in Vanwalls.

The tactics were plainly obvious Stirling Moss had to win and in the fastest ever time to have any chance of winning the title all Hawthorn had to do was finish second.

His team mate Phil Hill was tasked with harrying the Vanwalls and force them into blowing up.

Race On

Fight moving to and fro, master class in boxing,

The race started has expected and Moss roared into the lead with Lewis-Evans going with him.

Mike Hawthorn knowing that his car suffered from Clutch problems took things a little easier and eased himself into the race.

The race went the way Hawthorn had intended with no problems until lap 16 when Hawthorn found himself being chased by Tony Brooks in a Vanwall and a terrific fight for third spot began to unfold. Fortunately for Hawthorn the Vanwall began to lose oil and Hawthorn was safe.

After a few more laps Phil Hill was told to slow down and let Hawthorn pass him and this was how the race stayed until the end.

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