Freddie Mills


The crowning moment of a glorious career came on 26 July 1948 for Freddie Mills.

He had a fifteen round contest against Gus Lesnevich from America at the White City Stadium.

Mills was in top condition and he took some the American's best blows in his stride including several rights to the chin. In return he hit Lesnevich with some punishing blows.

The early rounds went by without much incident apart from Lesnevich's eyes being cut in the first round and subsequent rounds but his seconds did their job and they didn't seem to affect the outcome.

It was the 10th round when it exploded but it took some interference from the referee who told both fighters to put some more zip into the action.

Final Round Masterclass

Straight Lefts, master class,

Mills hit the American with several punches to the chin and he went down for an 8 count and no sooner got up than he went down for a 9 count there was some confusion because a lot of people thought that he had failed to make the count.

After this the fight went first to Mills and then to Lesnevich it was in the final round that Mills gave a master class in how to use a straight left.

First he jabbed Lesnevich round the ring with a succession of punches that beat him to a standstill, at the finish the referee had no hesitation in naming Mills the winner.

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