Sydney Wooderson


The most unlikeliest of Heroes the bespectacled Solicitor Sydney Wooderson was 31 years old and only days from his 32 birthday, he had declared that this was to be his last and finest race. No one who was there night can deny that they watched a magnificent tactical race unfold.

With a crowd made up of 21 nations Wooderson was roared home by a volley of cheers.

The race favourite was the Finn Viljo Heino, but Wooderson had studied the Finn from the trackside in previous races and knew exactly what he was up against and the Finns tactics.

As the race unfolded lots of spectators mistakenly believed that Wooderson had blown it he was running in fifth place and Heino was setting a pace that was intended to break all opposition.

Wooderson was slowly catching up with Heino when he tripped and almost fell over after catching the wooden verge, and after that moved out to an outside position to avoid any further catastrophes.

Storm Breaks

At 3000 metres Durkfeldt the Swede was closing in on Wooderson while Reiss from Belgian and Heino continued to make the running.

At 4000 metres cheers went up from the crowd as Wooderson moved easily into second place while Heino became broken by his own pace and slipped down the field.

Suddenly just as Wooderson's plan had seemed to succeed Slykhuis the Flying Dutchman streaked into the lead and the chase was now on.

Wooderson who was famous for his finishes chased down the dutchman and finally overtook him to win by just under 30 metres.

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